Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Black Hole Theory of Government

I wrote and had this article published on 4 August, 2007. I wrote it as a warning. Now, it has continued to grow until perhaps it is too late.
* * *
I WAS reading a paper on astrophysics when I suddenly made a connection which may explain our government and how it now operates. The Universe is a vast place, billions of years old and not filled with, but with a plenitude of stars of various sizes and types. These are formed into galaxies, which are formed of clusters of stars, dust from which new stars are born, nebulae, etc.

Galaxies and stars all have life spans. They are born and die over a span of hundreds of millions to billions of years. We might make an analogy that galaxies are like nations, in a way. They are made up of millions of stars of various ages, sizes and attainments, just as a nation is made up of millions of people of various attainments.

Most stars are average, providing a background of light much like the stars in our galaxy which we call the “Milky Way.” Some stars come to our notice, through brilliance, or proximity, like some people do, through genius or notoriety. People like Jefferson, Franklin, Voltaire, Di Vinci, Brahms, Einstein, King. Then there are Novas, Like Mozart, whose brilliance flared briefly and whose light echoes through time.

There have been bright stars whose legacy lives on in echoes of hatred and prejudice, such as Hitler and Stalin. Would that those would be mementos of things not to be repeated, but apparently such is not to be.

Then there is another phenomenon. The Black Hole. These are stars with an enormous wealth of mass. They tend to be short lived as a star, but when they collapse, that enormous mass gets to be so dense and concentrated that it is able to attract and hold everything that comes within its “event horizon.” It catches and absorbs all matter, energy and light that comes within its purview. We cannot see a Black Hole, as no light or energy escapes it for us to see and measure. Scientists are able to verify that they exist due to disturbances in the space-time continuum around their suspected positions. It is now postulated that they may exist at the bright center of each galaxy, invisibly consuming the substance of the galactic core and as its mass grows, its effects spread out consuming still more.

“How does this relate to government,” you ask?

Look at what has happened to nations and governments in our recorded history. To bring it closer to home, look at what has happened to the United States over the past few decades. Laws have been passed giving enormous corporations the same freedoms as individuals. Those corporations then use the power of enormous wealth to overcome the rights of the single individual or small group with no wealth with which to fight.

As this enormous wealth accumulates, the principals controlling the corporations begin to fade from view, but the wealth and power continues to accumulate at an ever increasing rate, and it soon begins to disappear. Look at Halliburton and KBR for instance in Iraq and post Katrina New Orleans. Hundreds of millions vanished without a trace and yet they get still more “no-bid” contracts.

It has been postulated that any person, say in a space ship, that crosses the event horizon of a Black Hole will be stretched and eventually torn apart by the steep gravity differential. What do we find happening to people that have dealings with these human Black Holes? They, too seem to stretch and distort, losing their principles, their honor, their sense of decency, until they vanish into the Black Hole of wealth and power.

In the past six plus years, the United States has been moved into the proximity of these corporate military and industrial Black Holes and its wealth and honor and people are being stripped away at a steadily increasing rate. Pensions, jobs, wages, the wealth of the US Treasury, all have vanished, or are vanishing, into the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Executive Black Hole. As the Black Holes acquire this mass, it only makes them greedy for more. Is it too late to break away from this decreasing orbit? I don’t know, but it will require an enormous expenditure of energy by We the People to do it. If we just sit here on spaceship earth and do nothing, we will all be swallowed up.

To continue the analogy, scientists have advanced a theory that perhaps the Black Holes are acting as a conduit, transferring this enormous mass , perhaps to another galaxy through “worm holes” in space. Our Black Hole government seems to fit in with this possibility also, for as the wealth vanishes here, it is possibly appearing in China, Russia and other foreign governments and exchanges. Much may be in the Black Holes of Switzerland. Just as certain is the fact that, as we have lost it, it is going where we will never have a chance to get it back.

Again, I ask, can we break free while we still have enough fuel and supplies to navigate to safety, or will we procrastinate until we have run out of fuel and helplessly crash into the Black Hole, to vanish from the earth forever?

The choice belongs to We the People, but time and resources are running out.


  1. I think your metaphor of the black hole is appropriate for the situation that we find ourselves in. There is an incredible maze of forces on the corporate, national, and international scene that seem to be drawing us to the black hole of a fiscal and environmental outcome that is a lose lose outcome for our global community. Glendon Wayne: ePie

  2. Hi Glendon,

    Yeah, the money/power accretion of mass since I first published this in '07 is so huge that the question of escape may be moot now. But, we've got to keep trying, however we can.

    As an historian watching this repeating pattern, I must say Santayana had it right. "Those who do not know history are bound to repeat it."

    I wish we could repeat a Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Gandhi, King, et al., while we are at it, but the only ones seem to be of the Genghis Khan, Caligula, Hitlerian stripe.