Friday, April 9, 2010

On Missiles, Drones and Bug Splats

It's getting harder to blog these days. Every article on the net, nationally and internationally, seems to be more war, more preparation for war, mostly by the US. Now we are developing an “ICBM” with a “conventional” warhead, so we can strike anywhere in the world within ten minutes. Most of the major nations of the world have spent a lot of money to be able to track and respond to a missile attack. The last time it was attempted to launch this program, it was “shot down” by cooler heads, even in the military. The argument, now, is that we will notify any nations that are crossed by the missile not to worry, “It is not a nuke. Trust us, would we lie to you?”

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) that is making billion$ off the war machine are not about to lose their best cash cow by committing peace. Somehow, they can get billion$ more for weaponry and experimental weapons, but poor kids can’t get enough milk to prevent rickets.

The greed of this Oligarchy is unbounded and it is based on war. One simple way to predict where we are heading is by looking at Afghanistan and Pakistan. Every Pashtun that objects to foreign occupation and fights back against the invader is, by US definition, a terrorist or insurgent. Therefore, we can kill him, his family and friends. Every time we do so, we recruit even more to the cause of expelling the invader. Now we are “looking into” the Special Forces killing of a family and the attempted coverup by the military.

We raid and kill, from the sky, from the ground, with impunity. Our “brave” drone pilots sitting in Nevada, (Do they wear leather bomber jackets, too?) flying their computer screens classify their body counts as “bug splats.” Not humans, not even collateral damage, bug splats! What you get on your windshield on a Summer’s day.

The Pentagon has announced that the “F-35" fighter development program has jumped from an estimated $178 billion to $328.25 billion with projections that it could go even higher as inflation continues. That is jut one program. Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and other Offense Contractors have dozens more running in the wings, soaking up anything available in overruns.

The Pentagon says it costs a million dollar$ a year to keep one soldier in Afghanistan. It costs probably a hundred thousand dollar$ to keep a drone flying and to launch a Hellfire missile on a village compound. Lord only knows how much is expended for each air strike. The cost of keeping task forces of carriers and their supports in the area must be hundreds of million$ if not billion$. Apparently, all this must be expended to chase an estimated hundred or so “terrorists” around the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, while we create legions of courageous fighters intent on our extermination because of our raids and killings.

Now, here is where the rubber meets the road. The Pashtun make their weapons in caves, cost negligible. They make their ammunition in caves, cost negligible. It takes a bullet or two to kill or wound a million dollar warrior. You do the math.

Of course, to the MICC that is fine. Most of the money ends up in their pockets and, in a depressed and stagnant economy, there are lots of hungry Yanks to send “over there.” Cannon fodder is cheap and plentiful and the MICC gets a great dividend for seeing that they are sent out there.

Even if we eventually lose, the MICC makes out, for they will get billion$ more to build weapons to "avenge" our losses! The main loss, however, is ours, for we have lost our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Independent Judiciary, our privacy, our checks and balances that were to protect us from dictatorship.

As I have said before, read some history, look at the parallels, then see where we are headed. Then, marshal up the guts to “head it off at the pass.” We are really running out of time, folks.