Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 year old Palestinian boy a public enemy?

I read a sad story on CommonDreams this morning. It was about a ten year old Palestinian boy, dragged from his bed by soldiers and beaten so badly that he sustained internal bleeding. This was apparently in reprisal for his having told what happened to him earlier that day when he and his twelve year old brother were arrested by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).

I felt committed to comment on this, and what I have seen happening for a number of years in Israel/Palestine. My comment is below. It is so sad that any dissent in Israel is apparently being suppressed by force.

* * *

The Israeli government learned well from the Nazi government, but they learned the wrong lessons. They have forgotten the Warsaw ghetto and the heroic resistance of the Jewish youth who held off the Germans until they finally cleared the ghetto with massive armor and troop action.

The lesson? Oppressed peoples fight, even against overwhelming odds.

The Nazis executed or sent to concentration camps any dissident voice. This in addition to the "Untermenschen" needing "extermination," i.e., Jews, Slavs, etc.

The Israeli government now has its own untermenschen, the Palestinians and, the Arab peoples in general. One of the government's people said a few years ago, "The entire Palestine population is not worth one Jewish fingernail."

In France, the Resistance fought on even against terrible reprisals. One act of sabotage, one killing of a Nazi, left whole villages being rounded up and shot. Still the Resistance fought on.

Now, I read, that it is illegal for an Israeli citizen to protest the government's actions. They are rounded up and jailed immediately as, I don't know, terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, perhaps just as protesters, but none-the-less, they are removed from public view and little is allowed to be published about it.

In short, and sadly enough, the Star of David could be replaced by the swastika in the Israeli flag and there would be little difference. People have said, "But the Israelis haven't killed millions, so they can't be compared to the Nazis!"

Remember, when the Nazis started, they hadn't killed millions either. Just beat up and killed opponents. Then dispossessed and jailed many more for having dissident opinions. With power, the cruelty and nastiness was unleashed on all who disagreed with them.

Israel has an estimated 200 to 400 nuclear armed missiles ready to go, largely due to our $3 billions per year that we give them (out of our taxes), mostly in advanced military hardware and advanced military technology. Israel has never admitted to having nukes. They sign no treaties, allow no inspections, but have said that, if it looked like Israel was ever going to be defeated, they would exercise the "Sampson initiative." That would be to launch all their nukes at the various capitals of Europe and the Middle East, to take everyone with them.

We used to have mental hospitals to put such people in so they could do no harm to themselves or to others. I guess the modern tactic, just as with Nazi Germany, is to cower in fear and appease, appease, appease.

At StratCom, the bar against using nukes preemptively against non-nuke forces has been removed. I imagine we can probably add our 3,000 plus ICBM's to Israel's 400, as we seem to do whatever Israel tells us.

I see a terrible end approaching, and see no way to head it off.


  1. Steve

    I have to agree with you thoroughly. And you might or might not know that at Gitmo there were actually two prisons - one for the adult detainees and one for the children detainees - all held as battlefield combatants of the United States.

    I believe the youngest of those children was 10 years old - the Palestinian boy reminded me of that.

    You will find many enemies if you say truthful things about the Nation Israel.

    I am reminded of a Preacher who once posted a billboard proclaiming " The Jews killed Jesus Christ". He was hauled off to jail. The charge was inciting to riot.

    Any people who proclaim that to be the chosen of god above all others and as such can do no wrong, can be a very cruel enemy. The Palestinians know that. We should.

  2. Yeah, today Palestine, tomorrow Iran. And we? We let it happen. So sad.

    But, whatever they do, they still get the three billion$ per year of our tax money and a guaranteed Security Council veto of every UN vote of censure. Hitler would have loved this setup.