Friday, November 9, 2012

Remembrance Day

    Now is the day that we remember
    Our dead, the wars, each falling ember.
    Veterans, Poppy clad, march in sadness and pride,
    Ever mindful of the dwindling companies they once marched beside.
    Men, long turned grey, who remember the youth and strength
    Bourne by them into war, adventure, endless length,
    Ever yearning, at last, for home, for hearth, for peace.
    Remembering all their lives the horrors that wars release.

    Eleven, eleven, the day the guns fell still,
    Leaving only the stench of gas, and bodies, and graves to fill.
    Eleven, eleven and the “War to end all wars,” had ceased.
    Vengeance and madness! Again the dogs of war unleashed!
    Ever rending a new generation to feed their maw.
    Now, war follows war, each more cruel, more raw,
    Tears the fabric of life, slays man, woman, child; death in the rough.
    Heaven itself must cry in pain, “For the love of God! Enough! Enough!”

Steve Osborn
For Remembrance Day 2008
© Stephen M. Osborn 11/11/2008

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  1. Hi Steve

    I am writing this in the hope that it will find you. Thank you for your advocacy of peace and your clarity regarding the insanity of nuclear weapons. I am an independent researcher with an interest in audio production and have just posted a remembrance of sorts of the consequences of the Operation Castle tests conducted in 1954. I have very much enjoyed your interview with Dori Smith on Regime Change Radio in 2004 and have incorporated elements of that discussion into my most recent production, "Promethean Hubris". You will find this on my Integral Reflections blog which can be accessed at:

    I wish you strength and energy in your ongoing work.

    With my best wishes

    Vincent Di Stefano
    Melbourne, Australia