Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Zone Expands in Nuclear Plant Aquifer

CommonDreams had an article on the above subject. This was my comment to the article.

Sometimes, the Nuclear Dragon swats us with its tail or rends us with its claws and jaws. Other times, it poisons us with its fetid breath. Now, apparently, it poisons us by pissing in our aquifers.

In 1956, (Operation Redwing, Bikini) I saw its claws and felt its jaws, I was poisoned by its breath, but (so far) have survived. Not very many of us left.

; was not an explosion, just a very stubborn fire in radioactive fuel. A huge area so contaminated that it will be three to six hundred years before it can again be occupied. Most of Europe was contaminated by the fallout. People have had elevated cancers, genetic damage to their children, etc., ever since.

We have had a number of accidents at our own Nuclear Dragon cages. Three Mile Island, the Fermi Breeder Reactor near Detroit, the Hanford Plant in Washington, on which million$, perhaps billion$ have been spent trying to prevent the leakage from entering the Columbia River. The list goes on and on. Statistically, the number of cancers, birth defects, etc., is much higher in those areas, compared with areas far away, and not downwind of the plants.

The same with the native populations of the Marshal Islands exposed by our testing in the '40's and '50's. Then there was our own testing in Nevada, which used our own citizens as guinea pigs (classified by the Eisenhower government as underutilized segments of the population).

As these contaminants get into our aquifers, there is no way to avoid them. You just have to take your chances, play the odds. People have to drink.

The only way to avoid the situation is to cease this endless twisting of the Dragon's tail. The only safe nuclear reactor is approximately 93,000,000 miles from earth and delivers more than adequate energy, if we will just take the effort to learn to harness it.

Remember, we already have mountains of spent fuel which we have as yet found no safe way to dispose of. All of this leads to still more contamination, more exposure, more cancers, birth defects and deaths.

I won't even discuss the horror that awaits us as Depleted Uranium spreads around the world from our endless wars.

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  1. I completely agree with you that Nuclear power is a dead end. People who insist that nuclear power is a legitimate solution to the problems of global warming are ignoring the fact that the most dangerous pollutants on the planet are the byproducts of this form of power generation. Solar, wind, wave, geothermal power are all sources of clean energy. Unfortunately, the people controlling the development of these resources are benefitting from the status quo.